When I make a film or photograph you in your home, my goal is not to tell a literal story of your day. 

It’s not about the things you do or the places you go to. It’s about the tiny micro-moments that happen while you’re doing those things.


As I sat on the floor or hide around a corner of your wall I am looking for those micro-moments. I am looking for the in-between.


The conversations about your children and with your children, and the laughter at an inside family joke. The look on your face when your child jumps on the bed or FINALLY reads the book to you.


Specific life experiences as a parent of toddlers or middle school-aged children - the nuances of life at each stage.


The intentional grins of your playful children as they attack you on the couch and the hugs that follow. 


 The significance of joy in a family after a devastating illness. Everything I include in a photo and film project is a tiny, but hugely important moment, that makes a family who they are. And I’m in love with every second of it. 

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