Cox Family Session // Johnstown, NY

Updated: Mar 2

Photographing families never gets old. Each experience is unique and ALWAYS a blast! However, the Cox Family photo session was an opportunity for me to love on them (as a big fat thank you)! In 2019, our family battled through an unexpected illness and who was it that showed up at our house tools in hand ready to help us with home projects? Mr. Cox. Who sent cards? Coordinated carpools and organized playdates for our children during medical appointments? Mrs. Cox.

We are so appreciative of this amazing family and their friendship. So I was undoubtedly elated when they asked if I could help update their mantlepiece with fresh family portraits - Uh duh! I would do it year after year without question!

What resonated in this family session?

Laughter and the Adirondacks! The family wanted to showcase their new front porch personally decorated with holiday decor. Including the family pet is always welcomed and encouraged! The Adirondack theme was conveyed through the stone work on the porch, the cool blues through the wardrobe, the well-placed vests, and strategic decorating. Mom did an excellent job portraying the essence of their family and through their most beloved activity - skiing in the Adirondacks.


Don't be afraid to be YOU! Not everyone is comfortable looking at the lens of a camera. Many of the most intimate images are when one family member isn't even looking. Mr. Cox stealing this forehead kiss is a keeper!

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